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Our firm deals with a wide range of projects in Israel and throughout the world. The director of the firm, Hanan Peretz, is a distinguished architect with a master's (M.Sci) degree in Architectural Lighting Design from KTH, Sweden and a PhD student in Urban Planning and Digital Design at EGS, Switzerland. In addition, Hanan lectures at Technion, Ariel University and Shenkar College.

Our firm specializes in residential buildings, private homes, interior design, green architecture, urban renewal, planning and urban design and architectural lighting design. We see our diverse skill-set as one of our greatest strengths. During all stages of the project, from planning to implementation, we infuse our diverse skill-set to  design living spaces for humans. We aspire to create optimism in the environment and meet the customer’s needs, all the while while ensuring the creation of unique spaces and paying attention to details.

Whether it is a public space used by thousands of people a day or a home environment acting as a private sanctuary, our firm seeks to connect with each client and engage them in the conceptualization and fulfillment of the vision. We are always happy  to meet, get to know, and talk about architectural dreams. When there is a dream, we strive to realize it.



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