Light and Cities: Different Stories, One Approach

Presenting at LEDforum Brazil 17-18 August 2017

Collaboration with Diana Joels & Norah Imaz

The starting point for this presentation is a shared question between the three independent lighting designers: how can light contribute to make our nocturnal cities better?

In addressing this questions - regardless of the specific cities of urban settings in Israel, Spain and Brazil - all three designers share also a similar belief: the necessity of the development of human centric design responses to culturally shaped situations.

Along their independent trajectories, each of the designers have worked with the theme of lighting design for urban spaces, in different contexts and situations.

Hanan Peretz embraced his Master Thesis project as an opportunity to develop a methodology to support holistic lighting design strategies for cities. His work “Street Lighting = HUMANS + SPACE + LIGHT” connects these three components and presents the possibility of reaching sophisticated situations in which each of one the components is expressed in high accordance with the others. A complex yet simple to understand system, that emerges as useful tool to enrich the experience of streets through lighting. His lecture includes a historical overview of the development of street lighting, both in terms of technology and ways of thinking; the presentation of the method in itself and its illustration through a case study in Sweden.